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About Us

Mates Rates Fishing and Tackle is a newly established online fishing tackle business based in Perth Western Australia. Three mates that are keen fisherman have decided to have a crack at the online fishing tackle market, to bringing fishing tackle to our fellow angerlers @ Mates Rates. Focucing on the West coast deep sea market, from the South’s Dhuies, Baldies and Pinkies to the mid West’s Reds, Goldband and Rubies, also through in Pelagics, our goal is to have all the gear you need in one easy to use online shop!

Kochy, Langer and Gib are the three partners behind Mates Rates Fishing & Tackle. After knowing each other for 7 years the boy’s came up with the idea in mid 2016 for a online shop and have been working hard to get it live since! 

Living in 3 separate locations in Perth may present an opportunity to get products delivered or picked up to avoid paying for freight, so feel free to get in touch with us to sort that out.

The more you use us the more quality products we can get to you for Mates Rates!